Ukraine – In the Footsteps of Hatred

November 2013, tens of thousands of Ukrainians have flooded the streets of Kiev in the biggest anti-government protest since the 2004 Orange revolution, after President Victor Yanukovych pulled out of the European Union trade deal under Russian pressure.

The Ukrainian people felt betrayed and their stand was not just about Europe, they were out for a decent life of 46 million Ukrainians, they were out for a real change. The Euromaidan “Revolution” was born.


Roksolana Vlokh // Lviv

Roksolana Vlokh

20 year-old Roksolana Vlokh is studying political science at Lviv National University. She dreams about reforming Ukrainian politics. She comes from an authentic tourist western-Ukrainian town, called Lviv. Her father Iaroslav 48 years old is a director of firm producing shoes and her mother Maryna 44 years is a manager of pharmacy firm.

Ruslan Batytskyi // Dnipropetrovsk

Ruslan Batytskyi

28 year-old Ruslan Batytskyi is a film director and the head of the Union of Young Cinematographers of Ukraine. He comes from an Industrial eastern-Ukrainian town, called Dnipropetrovsk where till 1991 was a closed city, where the USSR developed nuclear weapons. Ruslan dreams of making a feature film about life in Ukrainian cities. His mother Liudmyla, 62 years, has a PhD. in Medical science at Scientific institute of endocrinology and metabolism.

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