Tunisia – Dawn of dignity

At the end of 2010, Mohamed Bouazizi, a young street vendor, set himself on fire to protest against the daily frustrations he was subjected to by the police while trying to get by and support his family on his little job. His desperate deed gave rise to a gigantic popular movement. A very concerned crowd demanded radical changes, which the power of Ben Ali first ignored. The movement gained in scale, led by an over-qualified younger generation humiliated by unemployment which reaches an average of 24%.

The spontaneity and the non-violence of the demonstrators baffled the repressive regime of Ben Ali in power for the previous 23 years and set a chain reaction which marked the beginning of the “Arab Spring”. On January 14, 2011, Ben Ali surrendered and fled with his family to Saudi Arabia. Now, what about the Tunisians future?


Kaffel Soukaina // Tunis

Kaffel Soukaina

24 years-old Kaffel studied 3D animation cinema in the Tunis Art and Creation Academy. She is now trying to get into the Faculty of Legal Sciences. After Ben Ali fled on the 14th of january 2011, this independent and apolitical activist took an even more active part in the demonstrations that shook the country.

Jihed Khmiri // Fouchana

Jihed Khmiri

Musician in the “Collectif percussion” band, this 25 years-old young man is part of the underground movement of Tunisia. He is an activist through his music, as he is convinced that only Art could make a difference. He doesn't believe in politics. After the revolution, he participated in music workshops which took place in the remote villages of the country.

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