India – The children of moter India

For several months now, the Indians have been rising up against the corruption blighting the country at all levels of society. Their symbol: Anna Hazare, an anti-corruption activist and an admirer of Gandhi. This 74 years old man has opted for a hunger strike “until death”, as a means of pressure on the government.

Several forces are mobilizing in all castes to make the Indian society evolve. Many social changes are foreseeable, which may mark a sudden opening up to the world.


Shaheen Muhammed // New Delhi

Shaheen Muhammed

Shaheen is 21 and has a bachelor in communication and media. She is currently unemployed and working on directing a short film and also has personal projects going in her home town, New Delhi. She coordinates the Save Sharmila Movement, which is fighting for the liberation of this activist against the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA).

Ruben Mascarenhas // Mumbai

Ruben Mascarenhas

Ruben, 24, works as a computer engineer. He has recently joined Anna Hazare's growing protest movement against corruption, working as a coordinator in Mumbai. Although India's mass movements are, at least for the time being, not comparable to the Arab countries, the - often untapped - potential of its youth (more than 70% of the population are less than 35 years old) makes Ruben hope for a positive change.

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